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The Ultimate Size Guide For BJD Dolls

Whether you are a BJD novice or a veteran player, I’m sure you will be confused by the various brands and sizes of dolls when you first get into the world of BJD. Volks alone has nearly 20 sizes, some of which have variants. Even as a BJD enthusiast with several years of experience, I […]

The Ultimate BJD Makeup Guidance

Many BJD players would like to put beautiful makeup on their baby dolls. Here I will share some experience with fellows who are interested in BJD makeup.

What We Should Do to a “Dead” Doll

Generally speaking, the lifespan of BJD depends on the resin’s life. A doll of good quality can be kept for 10 years at most, without fading.
However, in our regular playing, the light, and oxidation may speed up the yellowing of the resin. If a doll severely yellows, cracks, or even gets broken, its life comes to an end.

What is Makeup Permeation & What Should I Do to Maintain a BJD?

As is known to us all, BJD dolls are made of resin which is easily stained by colors. Therefore, cosmetics may permeate into the resin and stain it with colors when the dolls wear makeup.

We call this phenomenon “makeup permeation.” Once it happens, you will never clean it up.

Common BJD Doll Size Guide and Accessories

this introduction provides newcomers with some general knowledge about the common sizes and textures of BJD, its wigs, and eyes. Please feel free if you have anything to add. I wish every BJD player could find their dream dolls!

How to Maintenance a BJD doll? Some Dos & Don’ts

Do you want to company your BJD friends as long as possible? Do you want to keep your precious dolls in good condition? Do you want to make your baby dolls look fabulous?
If yes, please keep these dos and don’ts in mind when maintaining BJD.

The Basic Guidance Knowledge for BJD Dolls

Get your favorite doll in 5 steps!
Find a favorite doll model and learn some details about it, then prepare the money.
Buy on the official website or the official agent or second-hand website.
Choose whether you want official accessories makeup or another makeup artist and choose free accessories. Then purchase the necessary maintenance supplies.
waiting for the production of the studio.
Received your BJD doll and dress him/her up!

10 Popular BJD doll Brands in China

Let’s start with the whole domestic BJD market. I divide these forces that profit from BJD into three types. Business Studio: Commercial companies that have an R & D team of 10+ people, like Loong Soul, AS, AE, DZ, RD. Individual studio: Who owns a core character and handmade all by oneself, such as echo […]

How to take care of my BJD doll wigs? —7 normal haristyle care tutorial

The wig care instructions are suitable for long straight/curly wigs. Care Tools: comb, brush, eyelash comb, hair clips, wig care spray, and hair care oil. Kindly remind: Don’t pack them into a bag/box when it’s wet. Otherwise, it will get moldy. The wig develops static electricity on cold days, please spray the wig care spray […]

We believe that everyone should be able to express their creativity through the world of BJDs, and it’s our mission to make this possible through our online shop.


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