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What is Makeup Permeation & What Should I Do to Maintain a BJD?

As is known to us all, BJD dolls are made of resin which is easily stained by colors. Therefore, cosmetics may permeate into the resin and stain it with colors when the dolls wear makeup.

We call this phenomenon “makeup permeation.” Once it happens, you will never clean it up.

Tips on BJD maintenance:

  1. Keep the space dry and clean. Some desiccants or bamboo charcoal packages will help if you put your doll in the closet.
  2. Don’t let BJD touch the water. If you have to, make sure the doll is fully dried before it’s stored. Otherwise, the S-shaped hook and magnets in the doll may get rusty due to moisture.
  3. Take off the doll’s clothes when it goes to sleep. Clothes, particularly jeans, may stain the resin. And please often bathe your baby doll with a magic sponge eraser.
  4. Change the makeup for your doll. The frequency of twice a year is recommended. And once a year should be guaranteed, or the chemicals in cosmetics may seep into the resin and shorten the doll’s lifespan.
  5. No flashlight when photographing the dolls. It is said that a flashlight may speed up the resin’s yellowing. And avoid exposing the dolls to strong sunlight during outdoor photography.
  6. Buy your doll a box for outdoor activities. Please put it in the box in case of any bumping along the way.
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