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What We Should Do to a “Dead” Doll

I believe many new players share the same experience that their BJD is “dead”. But what does the word “dead” mean to a lifeless doll? What happened to a “dead” doll?

There is no doubt that dolls have no life. But dolls are given life when players place humans’ affection on them. Unfortunately, every doll will get broken or turn yellow. In this case, we say the doll is “dead”.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of BJD depends on the resin’s life. A doll of good quality can be kept for 10 years at most, without fading.

However, in our regular playing, the light, and oxidation may speed up the yellowing of the resin. If a doll severely yellows, cracks, or even gets broken, its life comes to an end.

Then what should we do to a “dead” doll?

1. Bury it.

We can bury the “dead” doll in the soil or beneath a pot plant. Burying it by ourselves will be more impressive and memorable. But it is not recommended because the resin is hard to be decomposed in the soil.

2. Throw it away.

If we don’t have much affection for the “dead” doll, throw it away as we do to broken garbage. It sounds merciless to a doll after it kept us company for a long time. But I suggest this way from the perspective of environmental protection.

3. Collect it.

We have to face the fact that a “dead” doll has been broken and we cannot play with it anymore. If you don’t want to bury it or throw it away, collecting it sounds like a good idea. Collect the “dead” doll, and commemorate it. After all, it was our beloved friend.

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