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BJD doll eyes are magnificent which are the most vital parts of your dolls. To express your doll’s mood – happy, sad, angry, scared, confused in many colors: brown, black, red, purple, pink, blue, green, gray, etc.

Size can be 1.5/3mm, 2/4mm, 3/6mm, 4/8mm, 3/8mm, 4/10mm, 5/10mm, 6/10mm, 4/12mm, 6/12mm, 8/12mm, 5/14mm, 7/14mm, 9/14mm, 6/16mm, 8/16mm, 10/16mm, 7/18mm, 9/18mm, 11/18mm, 10/20mm, 11/22mm, 12/24mm, depending on the particular given style.